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Virus protection

The most usual way to spread a virus is through e-mail.

Besides e-mail, it is possible to catch a virus by careless accessing to some Web pages, or by downloading unsafe and unsecured file, by using ICQ, IRC, news groups. Viruses can be packed into .zip, .arj, .rar or .tgz archive and can be activated simply by unpacking those archives.

Viruses are small software codes located in the attachment or in html code (specially in Outlook Express) of your e-mail. Their mutual characteristic is that they all are executable files. They can be camouflaged with .exe, .txt or .jpg extensions and very difficult to recognize, specially by less experienced users.

If your PC is infected, it could happen that the virus attaches himself to an e-mail you are sending, or to all contacts from your Address Book and without your knowledge send an e-mail which also contains virus. There are more destructive viruses which can make great damage to your PC by infiltrating into certain system files, or even start erasing files from your hard drive. In that case your PC will slow down and, in the worst case, the complete operating system will block.

We suggest that, if you find a suspicious file in the attachment, first scan e-mail with some antivirus software. For more information about antivirus software go to:

Off course, one of the precautions is strictly following rules for opening the attachment. But, if the PC is infected after all, virus must be removed in highly professional manner. Every careless reaction is a potential risk for operating system and other software installed on your PC. Because of all that, the less experienced users are advised to ask for help from more qualified persons in antivirus protection.

20 years of Internet in Serbia

20 godina interneta u Srbiji It all began on 26th of February, 1996 with the satellite link from 64 kbps and Cisco Access Server with 16 analog lines. That day, BeotelNet brought Internet in Serbia and everything changed.

During 2016, BeotelNet saves a lot of surprises for its existing and new customers, both for individuals and for companies.
In the next 300 days expect many interesting things from BeotelNet, the company that brought the Internet to Serbia. We remain committed to the quality of service and the needs of our clients.

BeotelNet - forever first!