Welcome to the BeotelNet Privacy Policy

Please read the following text to find out more about our privacy policy and the way we use and process personal data we receive and collect from our users. BeotelNet-ISP takes your privacy seriously. Upon performing BeotelNet-ISP registration, the user is considered to be familiar and compliant with the citations from this privacy policy.

Personal Data Collection

BeotelNet-ISP collects personal data in different ways, such as via website cookies (hereinafter referred to as cookies), during the ordering of our services or participation in BeotelNet-ISP polls.
Once you have been registered as our user, BeotelNet-ISP will ask for your data during the registration process in order to provide information and services you require, as well as for the marketing, sales and development of products and services. BeotelNet-ISP also collects information about the users of services related to the website activities via the log file on the web server.
Except in registration cases, BeotelNet-ISP can collect personal data you have filled in during your participation in events, promotions, competitions, online polls organized by BeotelNet-ISP or some of BeotelNet-ISP’s partners.

Personal Data Use

While collecting personal data, the main goal of BeotelNet-ISP is to provide the desired services to our users, as well as improve the quality of services.
BeotelNet-ISP deals with processing and research of collected personal data from different sources for better understanding of users’ needs and interests.
Unless you actively choose not to receive information from BeotelNet-ISP, we will periodically send you the information, such as sales details, modifications or new services, as well as the BeotelNet-ISP bulletin.

Personal Data Protection

BeotelNet-ISP shall not concede, sell or share your personal data to or with any third party, except in case of product procurement or provision of services at your request.
BeotelNet-ISP can share your data with BeotelNet-ISP’s partners and we can send you information about the products or services of BeotelNet-ISP’s partners you might be interested in.
If you do not want to receive promotional material regarding the products and services of BeotelNet-ISP’s partners, and emphasize your preference during the delivery of personal data to BeotelNet-ISP, BeotelNet-ISP will respect your decision by not sending your data to BeotelNet-ISP’s partners.

Use of Cookies

In order to promote our site we use cookies to track down your visits. A cookie is a portion of data a web server may temporarily save to your browser. This is useful because it enables your browser to memorize certain data to be accessed by the web server later on.
BeotelNet-ISP uses cookies for the following reasons:
  • Web user identification – a cookie will be formed once you log in to our website and will be destroyed once you log out.
  • Evaluation of a number of visits – Every browser will be assigned a unique cookie which will then be used to analyze differences in the behavior of registered users and common visitors to the website.
  • Monitoring website browsing - BeotelNet-ISP monitors and analyzes methods of website browsing.
  • Web traffic measurement - BeotelNet-ISP uses cookies to understand and gain insight into the number of visitors and traffic within the site.

Announcements and Modifications

BeotelNet-ISP preserves the right to update or modify this policy at any point. If BeotelNet-ISP modifies this policy, the new version will be posted on BeotelNet-ISP website. The users are bound to regularly check this policy in order to be familiar with BeotelNet-ISP’s privacy policy at any point whatsoever.
BeotelNet-ISP is open to any kind of suggestion, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


20 years of Internet in Serbia

20 godina interneta u Srbiji It all began on 26th of February, 1996 with the satellite link from 64 kbps and Cisco Access Server with 16 analog lines. That day, BeotelNet brought Internet in Serbia and everything changed.

During 2016, BeotelNet saves a lot of surprises for its existing and new customers, both for individuals and for companies.
In the next 300 days expect many interesting things from BeotelNet, the company that brought the Internet to Serbia. We remain committed to the quality of service and the needs of our clients.

BeotelNet - forever first!