Mail hosting FAQ

On this page you can find the most common mail hosting problems and their solutions.

My mail server has just been activated, but I can't send or receive mail.
Possible reason could be that period between the registration of your mail server on Beotel's DNS and it's actual activation is 12 to 24 hours.

I can't sent an e-mail when I logon through other providers.
Our smtp is not open for relaying (i.e. sending messages) through other providers, so if you are not connecting to the Internet through Beotel, you can't send e-mail. This is for your safety, so no one can misuse your mail server and send unwanted messages.

What is the maximum size of an e-mail that I can send?
The size of an e-mail is limited to 20MB on the entire server.

I have transferred my domain to Beotel and I was informed that registration is complete, but when I connect through old provider, I can't see my presentation or my mail isn't working.
It is necessary to send a note to previous provider administrator to delete your record from their DNS.

20 years of Internet in Serbia

20 godina interneta u Srbiji It all began on 26th of February, 1996 with the satellite link from 64 kbps and Cisco Access Server with 16 analog lines. That day, BeotelNet brought Internet in Serbia and everything changed.

During 2016, BeotelNet saves a lot of surprises for its existing and new customers, both for individuals and for companies.
In the next 300 days expect many interesting things from BeotelNet, the company that brought the Internet to Serbia. We remain committed to the quality of service and the needs of our clients.

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