IPTV vs TV on Demand (Video on Demand)

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IPTV vs TV on Demand (Video on Demand)

The world of television has changed. Thanks to the overwhelming benefits of the Internet, we are no longer slaves to the TV program schedule because users now have a choice to watch whatever and whenever they like at their own leisure. Control has shifted from broadcasters to viewers, there are no set timetables, most adverts can be skipped.

What is TV on demand?

It is a digital cable television service that enables you to browse videos from a program library and watch them whenever circumstances suit you. With interactive functionality, all it takes is a remote control to play your videos instantly on the TV, and use classic features like Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Stop, and Play.

How does it work?

TV on demand systems either stream content through a set-top box, PC, or any other device which allows real-time viewing, or download content to your PC, digital video recorder, or any portable media player. Providers usually offer both services, but some content, such as new blockbuster movies, must be paid for online first.

What types do exist?

  • Transactional video on demand (customers pay for each individual piece of video content)
  • Catch-up TV (customers can view a program after it was originally aired)
  • Subscription models (Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, etc.)
  • Near video on demand (pay-per-view video technique distributed by satellite and cable TV)
  • Push video on demand (providers push content without the viewers having requested it)
  • Advertising video on demand (companies can advertise on broadcast and cable channels to reach people using the TV on demand services)

What is IPTV?

IPTV is is a service that includes providing your traditional TV channels (i.e.live channels) to your home through your internet service provider network.This service is available with the purchase of one of BeotelNet’s packages.

How does IPTV work?

IPTV services are provided through the linear/live content from content providers (i.e. the channels you want to watch and the channels you are subscribed to). This can be done through various methods (satellite downlinking or over IP). Afterward, the content is processed (encoding/transcoding, compression, encryption, etc.) and then multicast in the network.

What types of IPTV does BeotelNet offer?

BeotelNet, as one of the leading IPTV providers in the region, offers four different IPTV packages to their customers at the moment:

  • START – You get 20Mbps internet speed, over 120 TV channels, 14 radio channels and an amazing upgrade that turns your TV into a smart TV!
  • ALL INCLUSIVE – 20Mbps internet speed, over 120 TV channels, 14 radio channels, Smart TV upgrade, 72-hour rewind feature (never miss your favorite show again), Beo2Go (watch TV on your mobile phone), Arena Sport 2, 3, 4, and 5 and adult television channels.
  • PREMIERE – with this package, you get everything from ALL INCLUSIVE package and two amazing movie channels CineStar TV Fantasy and CineStar TV Premiere 1 i 2 HD
  • SPECIAL OFFER – TRAVEL PACKAGE – Our special offer includes 20Mbps internet speed, over 120 TV channels, 14 radio channels, Smart TV upgrade, 72-hour rewind feature, Beo2Go and a coupon by Argus Tours worth 10 000 dinars!

You can learn more about the packages and our services by visiting the television page and read everything in detail https://www.beotel.net/televizija.

The future is here! Seize this amazing opportunity and let BeotelNet enrich and enhance your TV-viewing experience.