Top 5 Best Cooking Shows on Food Network

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Top 5 Best Cooking Shows on Food Network

Honestly, is there anybody in this world who doesn’t like to eat? It is highly unlikely, especially since, according to one gourmand saying, love enters through the stomach first. Eating is not just some physical necessity, but also a thing of culture, pleasure, and etiquette, which brings and connects people together at the same table.

Cooking is a craft that can be learned easily, but it is hard to master. Luckily, Food Network has brought us many great chefs and food personalities on our TV screens to inspire us, bring new ideas, teach, and expand the possibilities of culinary art through the best cooking shows. Yes, mom’s kitchen may be the best, but celebrity names, such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Rachel Ray, Wolfgang Puck, Giada De Laurentiis, Anthony Bourdain and more, are there to show us just how vast the world of cooking really is and what manner of tastes, ingredient combinations, and dishes exist.

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So, if you are in search of that inspiration, look no further, here are top 5 cooking shows you can easily find on your IPTV program. Let’s start the countdown!

  1. East Meets West with Ming Tsai

Ming Tsai is an American restaurateur, TV personality, and master chef who puts focus on the fusion of the Eastern and Western cuisine. This bridge between two cultures has introduced a whole new generation of gourmands and aspiring chefs to modern American style of cooking using Asian-influenced ingredients and presentation methods.

  1. Molto Mario

This show is what Mediterranean cooking is all about. Mario Batali is not only an expert in preparing brilliant Italian dishes, including both regional and local variations, but he is also a proficient communicator. His use of introductions and personal anecdotes really helps puts things in perspective. When you listen to this wordsmith speak, you literally feel as if the cooking secrets of the world are directly implanted into your head.

  1. Iron Chef

This originally Japanese cooking show is actually a timed cooking battle, each built around a specific theme or ingredient. Japanese chefs are relentless when it comes to discipline and preparing dishes with surgical precision, which is why this culinary duel will make you experience a certain degree of awe and wonder. However, the show may possess a sense of inflated drama and flamboyance, but the chefs’ executions with knives, pots, and pans will teach you a lot about preparing various meals – which is ultimately the most important thing.

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  1. Good Eats

Created and hosted by Alton Brown, this show merges science with cooking and teaches you to use your equipment properly, as well as getting the most out of multi-purpose tools. Although focused on simple and familiar dishes made at home, the focus is put on the preparation techniques, history of different meals, and the advantages of choosing the right appliances. Educational, practical, and most importantly, fun.

  1. The French Chef

Created and hosted by Julia Child in the 60s and 70s, this show was one of the first and best cooking shows on American television. Its purpose was to introduce the home-cooking populace to French cuisine, which was previously associated only with silly hats and escargot. One of Julia Child’s greatest accomplishments was making everyone feel that they can cook. Although this talented author, chef, and TV personality passed away in 2004, her show is still rerun even today and keeps receiving accolades in the field of culinary mastery.

What is your favorite cooking show? Do you have a method or approach to cooking which may surprise even the greatest of chefs and deserve a television show? Let us know what you think and bon appétit!

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