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Quick and easy online payments

You can pay ADSL, VoIP, hosting, domain registration and dial-up service of BeotelNet via the internet by using Visa, MasterCard or Maestro payment cards. Users can pay using any of these credit cards, regardless of which bank issued it.

*Important: In order to pay online, first you need to allow opening of the "pop-up" windows in your internet browser (more info HERE).

Service Link for online payment
Hosting/Domain registration
Hosting/Domain registration order

Paying over portal

Log in and find in "Package options" the link for online payment (click on the image below to find payment manual).

Payment for VoIP service - over portal

Log in and find the amount filed in online payment section.

Protection of confidential informations

When you enter your payment card details, confidential information is transmitted over a public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL and PKI protocols, as currently the most advanced technology.

Data security when buying guarantees payment card processor, Banca Intesa ad Beograd, and thus complete the payment process is performed on the Bank's website. Not for a moment credit card data are not available to our system.

On behalf BeotelNet we commit ourselves to protecting the privacy of our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic information about customers/users and data necessary for business users and information in accordance with good business practices and to provide quality services. We give customers an option including the decision of whether or not they want to be deleted from mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All data about users/buyers are strictly confidential and are available only to employees who require the information to perform the job . All BeotelNet employees (and business partners) are responsible for compliance with privacy principles.

Returns services and resources

A user of BeotelNet service is entitled to a refund, in the proportion in which the service is used, reduced by costs that BeotelNet had, and that arise as a result of using the service.

Privacy delivery services

If a user make successful payment for service, and BeotelNet receives confirmation of that payment from the bank during the transaction, the service starts immediately and a user shall receive clear notification via the web and e-mail. In case of technical problem, and if the user does not get a service, you need to send a reclamation to BeotelNet.

Restrictions on the delivery of services

If the user does not meet the technical requirements for the delivery of services, BeotelNet can not guarantee the delivery of services. If the user's account is irregular in the system for any reason, the user will not be able to get service. In this case, a user must send a reclamation to BeotelNet.

Privacy complaints

If the user is not satisfied with the service or has a technical problem, and in accordance with the general terms, conditions accepted or signed a contract for the service, user has the right to refer the reclamation to the phone 011/4255-000 or e-mail address BeotelNet is obliged to respond to the reclamation within three working days, excluding the day of reclamation. In the case of eminent claim a refund will be made only by VISA, EC / MC and Maestro payment methods, which means that the bank will request the seller to do a refund to the account of the cardholder.

20 years of Internet in Serbia

20 godina interneta u Srbiji It all began on 26th of February, 1996 with the satellite link from 64 kbps and Cisco Access Server with 16 analog lines. That day, BeotelNet brought Internet in Serbia and everything changed.

During 2016, BeotelNet saves a lot of surprises for its existing and new customers, both for individuals and for companies.
In the next 300 days expect many interesting things from BeotelNet, the company that brought the Internet to Serbia. We remain committed to the quality of service and the needs of our clients.

BeotelNet - forever first!