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Unique solution!

Complete control of mail server through Web interface. Complete antivirus and antispam protection. Read and send e-mail from all over the world by using highly advanced Webmail! Define number of users yourself!

Technical features

  • genuine e-mail addresses in the form of username@domainname (, .com, .net, .org.yu etc))
  • pop3 and smtp addresses in the form of: pop3.domainname, smtp.domainname and mail.domainname
  • administrator account for complete administration through Web interface
  • webmail for using mail from any place in the world through Web browser
  • antivirus protection of all outgoing and incoming mails

number of accounts 1 - 20
activation free
annual subscrption 2,400 rsd
number of accounts 21 - 40
activation free
annual subscrption 4,560 rsd
number of accounts 41 - 80
activation free
annual subscrption 8,640 rsd
number of accounts 81 - 120
activation free
annual subscrption 10,800 rsd
number of accounts 121- 200
GIGA 200
activation free
annual subscrption 16,800 rsd
number of accounts 201 - 400
GIGA 400
activation free
annual subscrption 31,200 rsd
number of accounts 401 - 1000
GIGA 1000
activation free
annual subscrption 72,000 rsd
number of accounts 1001 - 2000
GIGA 2000
activation free
annual subscrption 132,000 rsd
  • VAT not includeed

This service can use only those users who have registered domain.


mailhosting: 011/3955-000
domain registration: 011/3955-134
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call center: 011/3955 000
technical support: 011/3955 155
fax: 011/3955 130
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